After the great experience with the directors’ training program, First Films First is once again teaming up with Goethe Institute to launch the internet platform Meet the Scriptwriters, designed to present Southeast European scriptwriters in the best and most efficient way possible. The platform provides scriptwriters with the opportunity to present themselves and their projects to the wider audiences, offering the opportunity to rest of the film industry to browse the profiles and find the scriptwriter they are looking for.

The scriptwriters are invited to make their personal profiles that include biography, filmography and examples of their work, as well as additional info that can help anybody reading their profiles to get a better understanding of their taste in film (i.e. finding out about their favourite movies).

Focal point of the profiles are the projects that scriptwriters are working on. Projects can be in any stage of development (finished script, treatment, short or long synopsis) and include any number of collaborators attached to the project. Additionally, scriptwriters can choose how much information on any specific project they wish to offer on the download link, which gives them full control over their profiles.

The scriptwriters will be able to update their profiles at any time and as many times as they wish.

Scriptwriters’ profiles will be published on the Meet the Scriptwriters website and will be reachable from any part of the world. Individuals visiting the web site will have an opportunity to browse through the profiles using the keywords, languages in which the scriptwriters write, collaborators attached to the projects, etc.

To get a better feeling of how it should look like, check out this example: Profiles

And the best thing – it’s all free of charge!

Download the application form and join now! Or tell your dear scriptwriting friends about us, they will appreciate it.