Scriptwriter of the Month: Florenc Papas

Florenc Papas, Albanian director and scriptwriter, graduated from Marubi Film Academy in Tirana. Since 2015, he is working as one of the programmers of Tirana Film Festival.

He just finished shooting of his first feature film OPEN DOOR, that has been developed through First Films First. Check out the teaser of the film below.

Florenc took some time to answer our questions and if you would like to find out a bit more about what he is working on check his MTSW profile.


What makes the 5 films on your Top 5 list so special?

  • Sometimes it is hard to pick your all-time favourites because there are a lot of good films done and it is so hard to choose. I put on my top five the first films that came to my mind. I never get tired of watching SOME LIKE IT HOT, one of the best comedies ever done. A SEPARATION makes me work harder and inspires me to watch more films. ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER is simply outstanding. For me, well-acted and directed films like GRAN TORINO and AMOUR show cinema power of American and European films.


Why did you decide to go into film?

  • I do not know exactly but I can say that filmmaking is form that helps me express myself and is a process which I love, a therapy for my soul.


Commercial films or art house?

  • Absolutely art house but sometimes I go to the cinema and watch commercial films because I want to be updated on cinema worldwide and many times I enjoy them.


How and when did you begin writing?

  • I began writing poetry in elementary school. I would be so happy if I could read my notebooks filled with poetry but I have lost them. Again, writing began as a way to express my feelings and it provided me with a kind of freedom. It is not the same feeling now, but I love to be lost in words.


Where do you like to write the most?

  • Home. There is no other place I could write except a place like home. I need to be alone and I need silence.


What kind of music do you listen while writing?

  • I can’t listen to music while writing, but I always listen to it before writing, like a warm up, and it can be any kind of music.


Where do ideas come from?

  • The ideas that I want to put on the paper came from my own life and the people around me. I like to transform them a lot, but the origin is from a known area.


If you could go anywhere in space and time, where would that be?

  • I think this is the best time to be alive.