Scriptwriter of the Month: Bojana Babić

Interfilm Film Festival in Berlin ended on 26th of November, but we are using the last month of the year to present our last (but not the least) scriptwriter who was selected to attend the Festival.

Bojana Babić is Serbian scriptwriter who is currently attending Kino Eyes Movie Masters in Screenwriting divided between three European Universities:  Lusófona University (Portugal), Edinburgh Napier University (Scotland) and Baltic Film and Media School (Estonia).

Bojana answered our questions and we hope you will enjoy her answers as much as we did.

To find out a bit more about Bojana check out her profile.

What makes the 5 films on your Top 5 list so special?

The choice I made is a very selfish and egotistic one, because it’s not just based on the quality or the relevance of the films, but more on the feelings that they leave me with when I watch them. Chabrol’s masterful LE BOUCHER feels like eating a bloody stake for dinner with a glass of exquisite red wine that fills your stomach as much as it fills your soul. Dystopian and prophetic, BRAZIL makes me laugh so hard I start crying until the very end when I feel like I’ve just been shot in the face. LES AMANTS DU PONT-NEUF is not even a film – it’s more of a spectacle, an explosion of passion, love and desire that leaves me with the feeling of unexplainable happiness. On the other hand, Fassbinder’s ANGST ESSEN SEELE AUF is a concise, Brechtian piece that troubles me, it makes me extremely uncomfortable like no other film does. Lastly, Houston’s THE DEAD is the most noble, truthful adaptation of Joyce that makes me feel like I know nothing about life anymore.

Why did you decide to go into film?

It was never a conscious, definite decision that I made, but it probably came from many smaller ones – like choosing to spend most evenings watching films instead of going out, choosing to be part of the film section in high school, then choosing the film academy when the time came… But I guess it’s all based on the fact that I’m constantly looking for a way to escape reality and I was lucky that I never had many obstacles. Commercial films or art house? Both and none, because I don’t quite believe in this division. I’d say films that don’t look like commercials and films that are not desperately and unsuccessfully trying to prove they are art.

How and when did you begin writing?

I started writing in my early teens when I got a notebook for my birthday that had a “dear diary” sign on it. So I started writing a diary, but it was only about love, or at least what I thought was love at the time – it was all about a boy that went to the same school as I did and either ignored me or tried to hit me most of the time. Writing was my way of talking to him, because I was too shy to do so in person. Soon, he disappeared from my diary, then the diary disappeared as well, and I finally realized I could write about other people, not just about myself.

Where do you like to write the most?

Recently I started writing at libraries and university study centres, because the work atmosphere there makes me concentrate better and there are no distractions such as my dog and my cat.

What kind of music do you listen while writing?

Brazilian music, most of the time.

Where do ideas come from?

From trying to solve problems.

If you could go anywhere in space and time, where would that be?

I’d like to go back to the time I was twelve, because that’s when someone very dear and important to me was still alive.