Scriptwriter of the Month: Alexandros Kostopoulos

Greek director and scriptwriter, who graduated Directing at Film and TV School of L. Stavrakos in Athens but is also holding a PhD in Informatics is this month’s Scriptwriter of the Month. To find out a bit more about Alexandros check out his MTSW profile here.


• What makes the 5 films on your Top 5 list so special?

They narrate “usual” stories in an “unusual” way.


• Why did you decide to go into film?

It’s fascinating to create a new universe with its own laws.


• Commercial films or art house?

There is no dilemma, as long as it moves me.


• How and when did you begin writing?

I began writing when I was fifteen. My first attempt was when I wrote a humorous adaptation of “Antigone” (Sophocles play).


• Where do you like to write the most?

Although I prefer writing when I am at the beach, I am usually more productive at home.


• What kind of music do you listen to while writing?

Classical music and film soundtracks.


• Where do ideas come from?

From memories, as well as anything that triggers my emotions.


• If you could go anywhere in space and time, where would that be?

United States in the 40s.