Taxiarchis Deligiannis



14.06.1970, Athens, Greece


Marketing and Business Administration, American College of Athens

Gastronomy, Gastro Swiss State School, Lugano, Switzerland

Six months Scriptwriting seminar held by professor Kyriakos Hadjimichaelidis

Place of Residence:

Locarno (Switzerland)

Writes in Languages:

Greek, English, Italian


Taxiarchis Deligiannis has been a jury member at the Ascona International Short Film Festival for the last three years. He co-wrote three theatre plays with Vasilis Tsiouvaras: “Promise”, “e-saka” and “The B’s”, a pilot for 12 episode TV series and three screenplays for videos promoting the UNHCR GREECE.

Sample of previous work

Projects in development


short animated
developed script

Karim, a migrating spaniel, saves the life of the wounded Hercules, the leader of the wild pigeons. When the other pigeons pursue Karim, Hercules defends him against them.

Attached to the project: co-writer, director
Looking for: producer

Keywordsfriendship, solidarity, self-denial


short fiction
developed script

In the not so far future, a man totally adjusted to the new mentality, that forces everyone to work almost 24 hours a day, faces the unexpected consequences of the delay of his flight for a very important business meeting.

Attached to the project: co-writer, director
Looking for: producer

Keywordswork, numbers, inhuman

More from Projects

Filmography and Awards

…UPSIDE DOWN, feature film (pre-production), writer

…IVAN, short film by Panagiotis Kountouras (post-production), writer

2017 SLEEP, short film by Iphigenia Kotsoni, writer

2015 SCRAM, short film by Manos Arvanitakis, writer 

My five favourite films

  1. Citizen Cane (1941)
    by Orson Welles
  2. Sunset Boulevard (1950)
    by Billy Wilder
  3. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964)
    by Jacques Demy
  4. La grande belleza (2013)
    by Paolo Sorrentino
  5. Dogtooth (2009)
    by Yorgos Lanthimos

Favourite scene I wrote


The spaniel Karim(carrying pop corn with his beak) flies high while nine pigeons are after him. He checks behind him and sees five pigeons flying above him and four flying at the same height as he. On a terrace in front of him he sees outstretched clothes. He manages and passes through them despite the air (he throws the pop corn over the wire where the clothes are stretched and, the moment he passes, he grabs the pop corn again with his beak) while two pigeons that chase him are trapped in the sleeves of a shirt. He then makes a manoeuvre to pass through the irons of an antenna. One of the pigeons is trapped in the antenna and another flies high to avoid the antenna, but hits one of five pigeons flying higher. These two pigeons fall on the rooftop. Four pigeons now pursue Karim, who flies along a balcony with a satellite dish and maneuvers around the dish. Two of the pigeons stay behind, while the other two follow him as he passes through the rails and they get stuck in the rails. Karim is flying low in a central alley of an avenue between bushes and palm trees. Behind him are the two pigeons that chase him. As he turns to look, he sees five more pigeons joining the other two who are chasing him. The seven pigeons grab soil from the ground in the alley and climb higher than Karim ready to bombard him. Karim looks at them horrified. At that moment he hears a siren from a police car passing by. Karim believes that this is a siren of war and imagines the pigeons above him transformed into bombing airplanes. He sinks into the soil to protect himself from the dirt that the pigeons throw on him. The dirt falls like bombs. A few seconds later, Karim climbs to the surface and, though he is about to leave, realizes that the pop corn is missing, digs back to the soil and comes out with the pop corn in his beak. He then flies twisting between cars and heads toward the bin that is now in front of him. The pigeons watch him from above and all of them(they are now about twenty pigeons) land on the wires above the bin and make noise.

My favourite film quote

“Norma Desmond: I’m big! It’s the pictures that got small.”

Sunset Boulevard (1950)