Strahinja Mlađenović



21.06.1991, Novi Sad (Serbia)


MA in multimedia Directing, Academy of Arts, University in Novi Sad

Place of Residence:

Novi Sad (Serbia)

Writes in Languages:

Serbian, English


Strahinja Mlađenović was born on June 21st, 1991 in Novi Sad, Serbia. He finished his multimedia directing studies at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. As a final student project on his master year, he wrote and directed the fiction feature film SHE IS ALIVE which had its world premiere at the film festival in Tirana. In August 2017 he participated in the Sarajevo Talents program. He’s been making short documentary films in Kosovo and Metohija, as well as theatre plays and short fiction films in Ljubljana. Apart from that, he also writes novels, short stories, and comic books, and has published his first novel LOCUS AMOENUS in 2019.

Sample of previous work

Projects in development


feature film
developed script

A young Serbian writer of bestsellers with a feeling of failed life meets a Slovenian blind translator and emerging poet. They’re both communicating with phantasms of famous deceased writers who have plotted to bring these soulmates together.

Attached to the project: co-writer, director
Looking for: producer, co-producer

Keywordsstory, heart, book, writer, blind, literature, mountain, translator, drama, romance, fantasy

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Filmography and Awards

2019 WORDS, short fiction, writer/director

2018 THE BITE OF CONSCIENCE, short fiction, writer/director

2016 SHE IS ALIVE, feature film, writer/director

2016 AGREEMENT, feature film, assistant director

2014 SERBIAN ORTHODOX SEMINARY IN PRIZREN: SOUNDS, short documentary, writer/director

2014 DIRECTOR’S CUT, short fiction, writer/director

2013 FATHER, short fiction, writer/director

2012 WEAK HEART, short fiction, writer/director 

2011 NO WAY OUT, short fiction, writer/director

My five favourite films

  1. Breaking the Waves (1996)
    by Lars von Trier
  2. Paterson (2016)
    by Jim Jarmusch
  3. Betty Blue (1986)
    by Jean-Jacques Beineix
  4. The Science of Sleep (2006)
    by Michel Gondry
  5. Wild at Heart (1990)
    by David Lynch

Favourite scene I wrote


Andrej and Mojca are walking along the path between the trees, the sunshine pours down like honey. 


The national park is not such a

secretive place. 


Be patient, we’re not there yet. 


If you think I’m some city boy who’s

only now discovering the secrets of

nature, you couldn’t be more wrong. I

grew up in the countryside and moved

to the city after my grandfather died.

He left me the apartment along with

thelibrary. I would like to show it to

you someday, so you can see all those

books– I mean, I know you couldn’t see

them, that’s not what I wanted to say, I



Watch your step. 

Mojca lets go of his hand. 

She climbs down to a small lake bathed in sun rays. 

Her steps are confident so it’s clear that she knows the place very well. 

Andrej is forced to crawl down on all fours. 

Afterward, he wipes his hands on his white shirt. 

Mojca bends over the lake and dips her hand in the water, causing the sun reflection to “dance” on the surface. 


This is one of those things I wasn’t able

to notice until I’ve lost my sight. 


Golden reflections on the water are forming a kaleidoscope of light. 


The wonderful play of light. 


Andrej is hypnotized by Mojca’s face bathed in the sun’s reflections. 

He’s about to lean over her, but Mojca suddenly stands up. 

She finds his hand and pulls him uphill. 

She takes him to the tall rock with a hole inside that has the shape of a fist. 


Here’s my secret! 


You Slovenians are quite attached to your

mountains, aren’t you? 

Mojca laughs. 


First of all, it’s not a mountain but a

rock. Second, this is no ordinary rock. Do

you see that hole in the shape of a fist? 

Andrej stares at the hole. 


I do, but I’m not sure it’s a fist. That

would be a little– 


According to the legend, when Jason and the

Argonauts were sailing home with the Golden

Fleece, this is where the river was cut off.

Jason was so furious that he punched the

rock with his fist. 

Andrej is observing the hole with a renewed interest. 


I know it’s only a legend, but that legend

gave me the determination to move on after

the accident. To go back among people, to

finish my studies, and to start my own life. 

A few moments of silence. 



“How her face is forever before me/ haunting

me wherever I go/ how her lovely, blooming

features/ ever taunt, torment me so…” 


Did you write that? 


No, it’s the translation of Prešeren’s poem

you’ve recited to me. Have you been also

talking to him lately? 


It was more of a chance encounter. 

Andrej observes her face for a couple of moments. 


Mojca, later that night, I came to your– 


I had my suspicions. 


I didn’t mean to stalk you, I’ve found

myself in your street by accident. I’ve

been inside your building and I’ve

overheard you talking to Urška. You’ve

said that you want more wine, so I thought– 

Mojca finds his face with her hands and puts a finger across his lips. 

Andrej takes her hand and moves it across his face. 

Then he leans forward and kisses her. 

After the kiss, he looks at the hole in the rock again. 


What happened with Jason and his Argonauts? 

Mojca smiles. 


They’ve carried the ship across on their


My favourite film quote

“Dr. Richardson: And what’s your talent then, Bess? Because, um, surely it can’t be being screwed by men you’ve never seen before.

Bess: I can believe.”

Breaking the Waves (1996)