Mina Ćirić



14.03.1994, Belgrade (Serbia)


Department of Dramaturgy, Faculty of Drama Arts, Belgrade

Place of Residence:

Belgrade (Serbia)

Writes in Languages:

Serbian, English


Mina Ćirić is a BA candidate in Dramaturgy at FDA, Belgrade. She is one of four authors of: Street car Called Loneliness and one of four authors of Drunk tank directed by Stevan Bodroža. She wrote and co-wrote scripts for many student film projects and wrote a play for childrenEverything we dare not to (Festival “Zvezdarište”, UK Vuk and published in Creative Center edition), She was also the play writer for Orchestral performance Hello, we are the orchestra (Belgrade Philcharmonic)…

Sample of previous work

Projects in development


web series

A young man tries to teach himself about patience.

Attached to the project: co-writer
Looking for: not looking for partners

Keywordsprison, waiting, loneliness, insanity, punishment, guilt

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Filmography and Awards

2017 PRODUCERS IN OZ, short by Goran Nikolić, co-writer
2016 SON, short by Nikola Polić, co-writer
2015 GAMERS, short by Nikola Polić, screenwriter
2015 THREE CHARACTERS, THREE SPACES, short by Lenka Jovanović, co-writer

My five favourite films

  1. Big Blue (1988)
    by Luc Besson
  2. Breaking the Waves (1996)
    by Lars Von Trier
  3. Head-on (2004)
    by Fatih Akin
  4. Little Voice (1998)
    by Mark Herman
  5. Princess Mononoke (1997)
    by Hayao Miyazaki

Favourite scene I wrote


MARTA (14, small, warm, loyal) is driving a pony bike. Behind her, on the same bike, sits UNA (14, cute, obedient, careful), she’s holding on tightly to Marta’s waist. Marta gets up in order to press the bicycle more easily. They reach a steep path. Marta sits.

Hit the brakes!

Marta tries to press the brakes, but they seem to be broken.

Don’t worry, I‘ll save us!

Marta skilfully avoids a group of people in their way. She abruptly turns the bike to the left, off the path and on the grass. It’s still steep and the bike is shaking and Marta is doing her best to keep it straight. Una squeezes Marta and closes her eyes.

They run into a tree root, Marta tries to avoid it but it’s too late. They lose balance and fall down. Marta falls on her palms, knees, and chin, and Una’s fall is eased because she falls over Marta.

Una gets up and starts cleaning her clothes. She’s annoyed.

Marta just wipes the blood from her knee. Una looks at her, sees her “wounds” and frowns. Marta makes a hand gesture as if to say „it’s nothing, I‘m fine“.

Una smiles and sits next to Marta. They sit in silence and look at the bike, a few meters away from them. It’s ruined. The sun is low. SOUND OF CHILDREN LAUGHING AND PLAYING IN THE DISTANCE, BIRDS AND WATER FOUNTAIN.

Let’s do it again.

My favourite film quote

“Johanna: Talk to me some more
Jacques: It’s hard, you know. I don’t know what else to say. You’re so far away.
Johanna: Tell me a story.
Jacques: A story? Do you now how it is- do you know what you’re supposed to do, to meet a mermaid?
Johanna: No.
Jacques: You go down to the bottom of the sea, where the water isn’t even blue anymore, where the sky is only a memory, and you float there, in the silence. And you stay there, and you decide, that you’ll die for them. Only then do they start coming out. They come, and they greet you, and they judge the love you have for them. If it’s sincere, if it’s pure, they’ll be with you, and take you away forever.
Johanna: I like that story.”

The Big Blue (1988)