Kiril Maksimoski



22.10.1979, Gostivar, Macedonia


High School USO Koco Racin, Skopje, Macedonia

Place of Residence:

Skopje (Macedonia)

Writes in Languages:

Macedonian, Serbo-Croatian, English


Kiril Maksimoski was born in 1979 in Gostivar, Macedonia. He lived in Karlovac (Croatia) from 1981 to 1991. There he was involved in performance art for the first time through participating in drama section of the “Zorin Dom” theatre. Since 1993 he lives in Skopje (Macedonia).

Since the beginning of his efforts as a writer/director, back in 1998, he authored several short films, screenplays, poems and short stories.

As of 2018 he has his first feature script FAMILI DAY optioned by an award winning British-Canadian company.

Sample of previous work

Projects in development


feature film
developed script

Troubled teenager is set to fulfill his plans over a course of two days. He’s challenged by his gritty past and the odd future along the way.

Attached to the project: no partners attached
Looking for: director, producer

Keywords: drama, mystery, teenage, guilt

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short narrative
developed script

A soldier finds himself stranded alone on his duty as an armed guard dealing with boredom, anxiety and a harsh Master Sargent.

Attached to the project: no partners attached
Looking for: director, producer

Keywords: army, regulations, alone, fear


feature film

Young Macedonian soldier is captured by the Croatian forces during the Vukovar battle. Strange circumstances lead him to befriend Croatian soldier not knowing they share common past related to their ancestors that might put their humanity in charge of the situation.

Attached to the project: no partners attached
Looking for: co-writer, director, producer

Keywords: history, Yugoslav Wars, WW2, war, sacrifice, brutality, humanity

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Filmography and Awards

2015 ELEVATION 404, short film by Marjan Gavrilovski, writer
2010 ABOVE SKOPJE, short film, writer/director – First Prize at the Wim Wenders
2009 VERY SIMPLE STORY, short video project, director
2006 ALONE, short film, writer/director

My five favourite films

  1. Good Will Hunting (1997)
    by Gus Van Sant
  2. Come and See (1985)
    by Elem Klimov
  3. The Thing (1982)
    by John Carpenter
  4. Benny’s Video (1992)
    by Michael Haneke
  5. Silent Gunpowder  (1990)
    by Bahrudin Bato Čengić

Favourite scene I wrote

David turns off the radio. A moment of silence.
So, let’s go…
Wait a minute.
What, now?
David’s quiet, like he has something to say, but hesitates.
Have I ever told you about my
baby brother Peter?
What about him?
Again, David thinks a moment.
While I was driving I thought of
this day, I think ten years ago.
Uh, huh…
We were just a bunch of kids
playing outside our neighbourhood.
Pete was always with me, ‘cause I
had to have my eyes on him all the
time, and he was four-five years
old then.
David wipes a fleck off his jeans.
And then a wild thought came to us.
Let’s bug on the crazy granny Gina.
And she was?
Old lady. Lived in a empty house at
the end of our street – nightmare.
David checks out the window.
Her son was some kind of a football
star back then, so we knew her for
And then back to Victor.
Every time her son’s team lost a
game, we went pickin’ on her. She
was a bitch. So, we sneak out to
her house, me, Jack, Tommy and
Pete, ‘cause I had to drag him
along or he’ll tell mom and dad, so
that was the deal.
So, there we are with our pockets
filed up with rocks and we just
started throwing on Gina’s house.
David grins at the memory.
So Jack – a fuckin’ hawk-eye,
throws this rock straight to the
window and – PAW! – breaks it.
Pieces of glass, you know just
smash on the ground… and the noise,
we were like ‘WOW MAN’ and in a
split fuckin’ second the bitch’s
out. We were numb, man. She totally
surprised us, I mean where did she
fuckin’ came from?
Victor grins, eating it all up.
So, we split up, you know, Jack
this way, Tommy that way, me and
Pete went runnin’ straight home.
Man, we were scared shitless. But,
you know he was just a baby, I mean
how could he run as fast as me? So
I’m running, I’m fast and then,
after a maybe a hundred feet I turn
around and see he’s not with me. I
left him there.
I’m back, I see she got him.
Slammed him a couple times…
David’s eyes fade into the distance.
Fuckin’ witch…
Yup. So I came to get him after she
left. And when we got home he
fuckin’ spilled it all out. My
father… he hit me so hard. I wished
the little… was dead, fuckin’ dead.
David shakes his head.
So the day after, Pete went on
playing with his buddies and I was
sentenced to watch him. I don’t
know what came over me. I turned
away just a second, and, you know
if I could see, I would’ve warned
him, yelled or something.
David concentrates.
But for just a second my eyes
weren’t there and – BAM!
The bus hit him so hard he flew ten
feet away.
Victor’s unsure what to say, how to offer sympathy.
And after they told me shit,
comforted me, it was destiny, blab,
blab. But… there had to be a reason
for that.
Uh huh.
Everything happens for a reason,
But what I wanted to tell you is
that fuckin’ conscience fucks me
over and over every fuckin’ day
since that morning.
Hey man…
I try to get rid of it, be all bad
and all that shit, but… I can’t. It
just doesn’t work.

My favourite film quote

“You gave 100.000 bucks for education you can find for 1.50 in public library”

Good Will Hunting (1997)