Ivan Turković



13.11.1988, Zagreb (Croatia)


2013 MA in Dramaturgy – Writing for film and theatre, Academy of Dramatic Arts, Zagreb

2010 BA in Dramaturgy, Academy of Dramatic Arts, Zagreb

Place of Residence:

Zagreb (Croatia)

Writes in Languages:

Croatia, English


Ivan Turković was born and raised in Zagreb where he still lives. His interest in writing stems from writing short stories which were published in several Croatian literature magazines. During the time at the Academy of Dramatic Arts his focus shifted towards theatre and, especially, film. In the last several years he’s been working mostly as a freelance screenwriter in film and TV projects.

Sample of previous work

Projects in development


short fiction
developed script

Squeezing love into a box.

Attached to the project: director
Looking for: co-producer

Keywords: love, sex, technology, tinder, loneliness, impotence, tableaux

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Filmography and Awards

2018 LOVEBOX, short film, writer/director

2017 MARY, short film directed by Juraj Primorac, writer

2017 DEEP CUTS, omnibus feature – segment directed by Filip Peruzović, co-writer 

2016 JUHUHU, children’s TV show directed by Filip Peruzović, writer

2015 REST IN PEACE (S2), drama series directed by Goran Dukić, co-writer

2013 REST IN PEACE (S1), drama series directed by Kristijan Milić, co-writer

My five favourite films

  1. Solaris (1972)
    by Andrei Tarkovsky
  2. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
    by Stanley Kubrick
  3. Vozvrashchenie (2003)
    by Andrey Zvyagintsev
  4. De ofrivilliga (2008)
    by Ruben Östlund
  5. Lourdes (2009)
    by Jessica Hausner

Favourite scene I wrote

Tow truck is parked on the company’s parking lot. Marinko has just entered the vehicle. Anto looks at him seriously, then starts talking…
Listen, Marinko, you caught me a
bit off guard with what you said.
(trying to express himself)
Yeah… I don’t know… I think…
that she’s lookin at me… That she
sees what I’m doing…
(interrupts him)
Of course. Now let me tell you one
thing. If you haven’t told me that,
I wouldn’t tell you, but now I’ll
tell you, listen. When I was your
age, how old are you now?
I was about 20, 19, I don’t know.
And I had a friend. Stevo, God
bless his soul, he was a junky,
these drugs, that’s a horror… And
nothing, Stevo got wasted as
always, just lying there on the
floor, sleeping, and the other guy
who was there – piece of shit –
took Stevo’s girlfriend to the
other room.
Short pause. Anto continues in a quieter, more fatal manner.
I stood alone. I’m listening, these
two are screaming from the other
room. Fucking, but like they’re
killing each other. I see Stevo,
he’s waking up, he can hear them,
the poor guy…
(searching for words)
And just from nowhere… I feel
this… it just runs through me…
I become good, you know… I feel
sorry for the people, I feel sorry
for myself… And I decide right
that moment… all the best, you
know… I mean, it’s not like I
have to decide something…
It’s not like that to me. I don’t
feel anything, I just see her…
(in the “by the way” manner)
But in my case it wasn’t Mary – it
was Jesus.
(a bit sceptically)
How do you know it was Jesus?
How do I know? He ran through me!
You just know that, for fuck’s
(getting angry)
How do you know!? You feel the
soul.. The soul pulsating… It’s
good… goodness… love, for
fuck’s sake! What how do I know!?
Did I ask you that? How the fuck do
you know it’s Mary!?
Well, I see her… If it’s not some
other woman.
Some other woman?? – for fuck’s
sake Marinko! And I’m trying to
talk seriously with you…
All upset, Anto leaves the vehicle. Marinko is left alone, anxious and confused.

My favourite film quote

“Husband and wife arguing while he’s sitting on the toilete…

DEBBIE: Who takes a half hour to go to the bathroom?

PETE: (without even thinking) John Goodman.”

This is 40 (2012)