Ismene Daskarolis



16.08.1989, Berlin (Germany)


M.A in Fine and Applied Arts, School of Fine Arts, Aristotle University Thessaloniki
New York College Educational Group in Athens. Film and T.V studies

Place of Residence:

Berlin (Germany)

Writes in Languages:

Greek, English


Ismene Daskarolis is an awarded filmmaker currently living in Athens and Berlin. She graduated from the School of Fine and Applied arts in Thessaloniki in 2012, specializing in video art, installation and painting. Previously she studied Film and Television at the New York College in Athens.

She has written, directed and produced three short films and co-written a feature. Her work varies among narrative shorts, experimental shorts, video art and dance films and has been screened and gained distinctions in multiple international film festivals.

Since 2014 she works as Chief Editor of the Film department at Exostis Press, and continues to write in other publications. Her work as a film critic internationally has been published at Nisimazine and Cineuropa, among other sites.

Sample of previous work

Projects in development


feature film
first draft of the script

In 2067 the world is slowly coming to an end. Growing up in a decaying society, Kate and Ovid must find their lifepaths and seek a way out.

Attached to the project: co-writer, director, producer
Looking for: co-producer

Keywords: sci-fi, global warming, virtual reality, coming of age

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first draft of the script

Greece and Germany. Two lands at opposites throughout their thousand year co-existence. A fiction – documentary based on accounts by young half Greeks half Germans. A young man and a young woman travel on a train. Each station resembles pieces of their historical past. The train is Europe and it is on fire.

Attached to the project: director
Looking for: co-writer, producer, co-producer

Keywordshistory, europe, biopic, international relations 

Filmography and Awards

2015 ARTOS, experimental narrative short, writer/director/producer

2014 THE GIFT OF THE MAGI, narrative short based on a short story by O’Henry, writer/director/producer –  Micro m Film Festival: Best Short Film Audience Award

2012 UNKNOWN PI, dance film, writer/director/producer

2011 HOSTESS!, feature film by Christos Karabelas, co-writer/assistant director/musical direction

My five favourite films

  1. La Jetee (1962)
    by Chris Marker)
  2. Children of Men (2006)
    by Alfonso Cuaron
  3. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
    by Stanley Kubrick
  4. City Lights (1931)
    by Charlie Chaplin
  5. Russian Ark (2010)
    by Alexander Sokurov

Favourite scene I wrote


Ms Clemens stands in front of the class. Kate, Young Ovid, Simon and Matthiew are all present.

Good morning everybody. Unfortunately
due to yesterday’s power cut we won’t
be able to go on with today’s lesson
as planned. I know this is annoying
for everyone…


The class cheers.

However, this is a good opportunity
to discuss the refugee relief scheduled
next Sunday. Now, is there anyone who’s
parents are willing to donate and forgot
to register their names?

A few hands stick up in the air. Kate sits at her desk texting in code on her CONSOLE.

Ok, you can tell them to message the
school at Marshal’s human resources.
Com soon as we get the power back.
You can type that now, or if you’re
out of power I can write it down for
you. Now as many of you know, the 
situation in Bangladesh is extremely
devastating with half the population
already left the country due to the
excessive tide rise.

Kate opens a file on her CONSOLE. An animal with a shocked look on its face and writing above. “If abortion is murder, then is a blow-job cannibalism?”

We’ve already talked about that last
week. Some of you might remember the
situation in India and its drinking
water crisis, we had to deal with something
similar. These people outside our borders
have very little food, they have none
of our comfort, no roof over their
heads… Kate what did I just say?

Kate looks up.

The situation in Bangladesh resembles
the humanitarian crisis in India and
these people have none of our
comforts meaning that they have excessive
need of our help.
Good. It would be nice if you paid
a little more attention on the subject,
you may find it interests you.
Why should it interest me?
Because it is a part of your reality
Kate. We see it on the news every day.
There are plenty of people in need
just outside our borders. If we look
at ourselves, we spend a day without
electricity and everything collapses,
imagine living with even less everyday.
Yeah but like, half the planet doesn’t
have electricity and they didn’t have
it before coming here so why should
it make a difference to them? How do
they get through?
They don’t get through and to be clear,
just because someone can live without
something doesn’t mean they need it
any less. Unfortunately that is often
one of the reasons why they have to
And then what?
Well, then they find…
Then they come here and we keep them
out because if we let them in they’re
like gonna drown us and eat all our
recourses and they’re already starving
so we basically just don’t care what
will happen to them even if we’re partially
at fault for all of this, so why should
we care now?

The class looks at her and giggles awkwardly. Simon and Ovid eye each other.

We do care Kate, we care immensely.
That is why we hold the refugee relief
every month.
No we don’t. I don’t. I just want them
to leave, I mean what’s the point in
us pretending anyway?
Katy, I think you do care. And I think
that is why you have so much anger
in you right now.
But I don’t. I hate them and I hate
the fact that I have to deal with them.
Why should I feel sorry for them? If
I do is that going to change anything?
Will it magically like save the world
or something?

Young Ovid receives a message from Simon. ON SCREEN: „Check out Matt.“ Ovid turns to look at Matthiew who’s picking his nose. He giggles with Simon. He receives another message. ON SCREEN: SHARED WITH SIMON, OVID, MATTHIEW. A photo of him picking his nose. Matthiew looks up at them upset.

Perhaps compassion is what makes us
human. It gives us decency and morality.
Even if things aren’t turning out right
now caring is exactly what can help
us get through. It’s at the center
of our humanity, the center of our
being. We wouldn’t be here without it.
And where is here Ms Clemens?

The class fills with giggles.


Class roars a laugh.

(to class)
Shut up!
We all do our best Katy. Nothing’s
predestined to happen and things aren’t
always easy.
Yeah well that’s not my problem cause
I didn’t put them there.
Please turn your Consoles off boys.
Katy, I understand you’re upset.
No you don’t. You don’t get anything…
The war has been going on for ages,
we all know most of the population
is probably gonna get wiped out in
the next 50 years, no one gives a damn
anymore, we act like it’s not gonna
happen but it is. Everyone goes to
shrinks to deal with how shit everything
is and we just stand by and watch and
build walls to keep them out while
simultaneously holding refugee reliefs,
isn’t that just a little ironic?
There’s always something each of us
can do. It’s more complicated than

Young Ovid receives a message from Simon. ON SCREEN: „WTF is up with her?“ (An animation appears of a man standing in front of a tank waving a flag). Ovid giggles.

I know it’s complicated!

Ovid puts his CONSOLE down startled and looks at her like everyone else.

Sweetheart… I’m trying to help. You
need to understand why this is so important.
There are values that are absolutely
fundamental to who we are, this is
probably the most important of
No, no, no you’re trying to make me
feel sorry for something I don’t get
a say in the first place and you’re
trying to make me feel guilty that
I get to live and they’re
die. That’s what’s going to happen,
no matter how much awareness we get
on the subject, no matter how much
we try and you do that so you get to
feel better about yourself cause when
you could do something, you didn’t.
Were you this compassionate 20 years
ago? Did you do something important?
Did you react?

Ms Clemens tries to speak.

No, you didn’t but you knew. Everyone
knew. And now you’re trying to invoke
on me a useless emotionality when there’s
nothing I personally can do and you
want me to solve it for you so you
can say that you’ve done your bit in
the world. Well now it’s too fucking
late and I really, really just don’t

Simon sends a message to Young Ovid. ON SCREEN: (An animation that claps slowly with the tagline “Slow Clap”).

And what about everyone else? What
about humanity? Are you going to put
that aside too? Or yourself? Or your

Ms Clemens stops herself. Kate looks up at her angered. The electricity turns back on.

Ms Clemens, honestly seeing as there
is little I can do other than deal
with themasterpiece of a mess that
I have way after you’ve gone, you can
go right ahead and put humanity up
your ass.

Ms Clemens is stunned. Silence in the classroom. She turns on the INTERACTIVE GLOBE and turns to the class.

Could you all turn your files at page
30 please?
How do you live with yourself?

Ms Clemens approaches her desk furiously.

I hate to break it to you sweetheart
but you don’t have another choice.
You don’t get to not care. This is it
alright? This is all you’re stuck with.
Maybe it ain’t good enough, but then
again it never was.

Kate looks at her.

I‘ll see you after class.

My favourite film quote

“Sir. Sir. Pity you’re not here with me. You would understand everything. Look. The sea is all around. And we are destined to sail forever, to live forever.”

Russian Ark (2002)