Gorana Balančević



30.01.1988, Kraljevo, Serbia


Department of Dramaturgy, University of Arts, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade

Place of Residence:

Kraljevo (Serbia)

Writes in Languages:

Serbian, English


Gorana Balančević writes for film, theatre and radio. She won Branislav Nušić Award two times, first for her theatre play “Iron-Bound” and then for “Too Blue to Be True or Rainbow Color Mum”, making her the youngest and only female writer in history of Serbia to recieve it. For her theatre play “Emergency Landing Center” she won the first prize at Young Balkan Drama contest organized by The National Theater in Belgrade and Nikolay Biinev Theater from Sofia, Bulgaria. She published stories in literary magazine “Povelja”. She wrote several scripts but none of them have been realized yet.

Sample of previous work

Projects in development


short fiction
first draft of the script

In the world of loneliness, where people rent other people to act their love-ones or just to talk to them, a mother who celebrates her Birthday alone and a young actor trying  to survive, meet in incredible way. The third character is a girl who makes her own revolution and turns this world upside down. The three of them start their own emotional journey in order to find themselves, friendship and love.

Attached to the project: no crew members attached
Looking for: director, producer

Keywordscomedy, melodrama, loneliness, contemporary theme, renting people


feature fiction

One mother becomes a trainer to her children, teaching them to escape their own home, through fantasy and memory games. Being ignored by all social institutions, police and family, she takes her life in her hands, blowing away all the colors on her face caused by domestic violence and escapes into the better life.

Attached to the project: no crew members attached
Looking for: director, producer

Keywords: domestic violence, empowering women to take a step into freedom, socially engaged

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Filmography and Awards

My five favourite films

  1. The Dreamers (2003)
    by Bernardo Bertolucci
  2. Breath (2007)
    by Kim Ki Duk
  3. Head On (2004)
    by Fatih Akin
  4. Paper Moon (1973)
    by Peter Bogdanovich
  5. Violette Noziere (1978)
    by Claude Chabrol

Favourite scene I wrote

Comfortable living room with many floral designs on the furniture. Photo of Radmila’s dead husband on the wall. Book-shelves, pictures of Radmila, her husband and their son, from his early childhood.
RADMILA (70) puts cookies on the table. Wipes the table. Checks the time looking at the clock on the wall. Radmila opens one drawer and takes a perfume out of it. She puts few drops of perfume on her neck. She notices her cigarette is in the ashtray on the table, she quickly turns it off. She forgets the cigarette case on the table. Removes the ashtray, sprays the room with her perfume. Radmila opens the window.
She looks down through the window. The entrance gate shuts down- someone has entered the building. Radmila checks her hair in the mirror.
Radmila takes a deep breath. She climbs on the top of her toes and peaks through the door.
Young man (34) in light, casual shirt stands in front of her door holding a bouquet of mimosa pudica. Radmila opens the door. She has a big smile on her face. 
As a gift from God! Milan, my son, come in! 
You have no idea how happy I am! 
Young man smiles in very shy way. 
Hi, mum. 
Radmila takes his arm and brings him inside. She closes the door behind him. He looks around the room. She stands across him, flowers is between them. She looks at the flowers. Young man stares at her, then suddenly ‘wakes up’. 
Oh, this is for you. Mum. 
Radmila sneezes. Smiles. 
Thank you, my darling. 
Radmila sneezes two more times. Radmila takes the flowers gently from Damjan’s hands and rushes to take them to another room. 
I’ll just put them in the kitchen, they
are so lovely… 
Damjan sits down at the table. He plays with his hands. Looks at the wall-clock and Radmila husband’s photo. Radmila comes back, Sits next to him. She puts her hand on his hand. 
Let me ask you something: Do you eat
anything? Or you just work work work? 
Damjan smiles and shakes his head. 
I knew it! 
Damjan gently releases his hand from hers. 
I knew you’d ask me that. That’s what
every mother always asks… 
Radmila put both of her hands on her knees. 
Yeah, you’ve got me! 
(she winks at him) 
But, tell me, does every mother wait
to see her son for 5, 6 months? 
DAMJAN acts a bit childish he covers his face as if a naughty kid would do. 
Radmila plays a role of a strict mother. 
Don’t you tell me-Aah…Cause Aah means-
You are right. And I don’t need to hear
that. I already know I’m always right. 
So how is it going? 
Damjan smiles and noddes his head. 
Everything is fine. 
Radmila starts pouring tea. 
I guess you haven’t found a girlfriend? 
Damjan watches her moves, happy to be served a tea. 
Well, at the moment, I have no time for
something like that. 
RADMILA blows the tea in his cup to cool it sooner. 
Well don’ worry, you’ll have time when
you get retired… 
Damjan laughs then stops. He drinks his tea. 
And what is up with you, mum? 
Radmila puts sugar in her coffie. 
To be frank, being retired is not very
appealing to me. I have plenty of free
time. Haven’ t found a boyfriend, either. 
But I read those magazines, you know with
columns ‘How to change your life… 
Damjan is being amused. He puts his head in his hands on the table and enjoys Radmila’s talk. 
Imagine how neat that job is- giving
someone advice how to kill the time and
occupy his brain. There it says: 
Start learning the language you never
had time for in the youth. Take dance
classes. Or sign in your local old-men
club and organize contests: bowling,
dominoes, darts or make picnics and
parties. Can you picture me bowling in
the send with bunch of 90 years old?! 
Damjan looks in front of himself. NOISY MUSIC (OFF), Music haunting him from some previous days. 
Why not? It could be fun. 
Radmila puts her cup back on the table. 
You know what? I could do darts. I’d
imagine your picture throwing arrow by
arrow. And I’d never miss. 
They both laugh. Radmila puts cookies on the plate. 
Here, help yourself. 
Radmila hugs Damjan, he cuddles her hand a bit, but still behaving stiff. Damjan tries the cookie. 
Mum, please, I can’t, I can’t stand these… 
Radmila looks at him. 
These baklavas. Your favorite. 
Damjan eats in silence. They both can’t pretend the cigarette case is not at the table. 
Ah, father’s cigarette case… 
Radmila plays with her fingers on the table, as if wanting to steal the cigarette case. 
Oh you remembered! 
She grabs the cigarette. 
And you smoke, you smoke… 
Radmila makes a circle of smoke. 
Depends. I smoke due to desperation and
pure vanity. 
Damjan stands up. 
But you told me you’ve stopped! And just
so you know- cookies are fantastic! 
Radmila gives him another cigarette, he accepts. Thye sit on the couch, smoke in silence. 
Of course they are fantastic- I made
She touches his face gently. He gazes at her. 
Look at your picture! 
They both look at the framed photo on the table. 
You were 5 back then. And you stole a
cigarette from daddy. You pulled the
Radmila laughs a lot. Damjan joines her. 
What? What happened, tell me? 
Radmila can’t stop laughing. 
The smoke came out of your nose and even
ears, as far as I remember! 
Radmila calms down. 
I stopped smoking August 16th, last year.
And today is August the 17th. God created
the world in seven days, what do you think
I can do in a year? Quit and start smoking
again, at least 200 times. 
They look at each other. 
A year? 
Imagine it. And I smoke again. And if I
had died, would you have known? 
Radmila stands up and goes to shut the window. Damjan looks at his phone, trying to read some text. 
So you kept the old brat’s cigarette
case just so you could join him as soon
as possible. Well not can do, mum! 
Radmila looks at her reflection in the mirror. She is full of life despite her age. 
Oh, no, darling, I’m not planning to
stay at the same place. I booked myself
a single room, far away from him. 
They laugh. Through the window they look like regular mother and son, eating, drinking tea, laughing. VIVID MUSIC (OFF). 
Radmila hugs Damjan and kisses his forehead. 
Take care of yourself, my boy. 
Thank you, mum. See you! 
Damjan’s STEPS disappear. Radmila stands on the door, then she quickly closes them and grabs a phone. She walks through the house. Dials a number. 
Good afternoon, this is Radmila Stamenic.
Yes, he has just left. Let me be
straight- the boy is very handsome, clean
and nice, but I am not satisfied. The one
you sent me last time was much better.
This one came unprepared. Do you give
them any scripts, I mean, do those kids
know anything about me or my son before
they come in a visit? You know what- he
brought me mimosa flowers and I am allergic! 
He had no clue about anything. The only
thing he remembered is that I quit smoking
and that my husband was an old brat, God
bless his soul. Where is the boy from last
time? He quit? Yes, it is a difficult job.
The young today have no jobs. I understand.
All right. I would still ask you to pay me 
back a half of today’s honorarium. And we’ll
see about the future. Thank you. Good bye. 
Radmila hangs the phone. She looks at the photo of her son when he was small. Grabs the phone again. 
Hay, Milan, my son, stop by these days.
It’s not really healthy to work so much,
I read it in the How to Change Your Life
magazine. Guess what I made, your favorite
cookies and a fruit cake. I love you. Bye. 
Radmila looks thorugh the window into the park- children playing, swinging, making bubbles… 
In her fridge there is a fruit cake with two candles on it 7 and 0. Since it is her birthday…

My favourite film quote

“Isabelle: Didn’t Sphinx give Oedipus a clue?”

The Dreamers  (2003)