Dario Bevanda



24.05.1985, Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


Department of Dramaturgy, Academy of Performing Arts, Sarajevo, BiH

Place of Residence:

Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Writes in Languages:

Bosnian, English, German


Dario Bevanda is dramaturg, dramatist and scriptwriter. He also writes film, theater and music criticism. In 2016, his short film screenplay THE PIT was financially supported for production by the state film fund as the highest ranked (by the jury) live action short film.

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short fiction
developed script

Rich boy, trapped in a dark storage room by a big, bearded guy who regularly beats him with the shovel, learns the shocking true nature of his entrapment and comes up with an escape plan.

Attached to the project: no crew members attached
Looking for: producer

Keywordsdrugs, addiction, religion, capitalism, punk

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Filmography and Awards

2017 THE PIT, short film (in production), writer

My five favourite films

  1. Cool Hand Luke (1967)
    by Stuart Rosenberg
  2. The Big Lebowski (1998)
    by Joel and Ethan Coen
  3. Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)
    by John Carpenter
  4. The Crying Game (1992)
    by Neil Jordan
  5. Black Pearls (1954)
    by Toma Janić

Favourite scene I wrote

The light bulb on the ceiling flickers. Sounds of a thunderstorm outside. Denis lies on the mattress, in a fetal position, his eyes wide open. He’s sweating and freezing at the same time. Pavle enters. He’s carrying a thick quilt and a plastic tray with steaming tea on it. He puts the tray down on the floor and cover Denis with the quilt. Denis throws it off. He moans as he tosses and turns on the mattress. Flails his legs about. Covers himself with the quilt. Throws up. Pavle hands him the bucket. Holds Denis’s hair up while he’s puking his guts out. When he’s finished, Pavle brings the cup of tea up to his lips.
Kombucha tea… It will help you,
trust me.
Denis takes a sip. His legs are shaking uncontrollably. He throws off the blanket again. Punches himself in the thighs. Totally exhausted, he lies on his back, unable to move.
I have a problem…
Pavle kneels next to him.
Is that what you’ve wanted to hear?
I have a problem!
We’ll manage it.
Pavle takes out his belt and quickly wraps it around Denis’s ankles. After he buckles it, restraining Denis’s legs, he begins to massage them.
I can’t…
Yes, you can…
I can’t!
I’ve been through this a hundred
times and I know that you can! Do
you believe in God?
God is dead. I believe only in
Punk is dead.
You’ve found the right time to be
It’s enough that you’re willing to
believe that there’s a Higher Power
out there, and that it’s always
watching over you. It’s really
subjective, what that Higher Power
is, it’s only important to know
that it can help you. I remember
this guy from recovery community
whose Higher Power was a pillow. He
prayed to it each morning. He
prayed that he returns to it clean
that night.
The bag… You could give me just a
little from it…
You don’t need that, you can do
I can’t, bro… I thought I could,
but I can’t…
Pavle stares at his bandaged arm. It’s trembling, harder and harder.
I’ll help you.
Pavle takes the key chain off his belt, unlocks the cuff on the hook in the wall and cuffs himself to Denis. Sits on the mattress and lowers Denis’s head into his lap.
My wife used to sing this to me
when I was in withdrawal…
Pavle’s rocking him like a baby. Denis tries to free himself, but Pavle restrains him.
Painted cradle of mine, rock my
Denis to sleep… Rock him lightly,
cradle of mine, rock my brother, a
hero of mine… Rock him harder, so
that he may not cry…
Noise of deafening thunder outside. Pavle sings louder and louder.
Let him rock, let him swing, let
him grow strong and big… Rock
him, rock him, soft cradle of mine,
until mother brings us milk, and
father rye… Then we’ll all sit
together, and eat our food in sunny

My favourite film quote

“MR. WHITE: You shoot me in a dream, you better wake up and apologise.”

Reservoir Dogs (1992)