Borna Armanini



11.09.1977, Zagreb (Croatia)


MA from Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, Ljubljana, Slovenia

BA in Directing, Academy of Drama Arts, Zagreb, Croatia

Place of Residence:

Zagreb (Croatia)

Writes in Languages:

Croatian, English


After 25 professionally directed and produced theatre shows Borna started making short films. He works for the Croatian National Television as a director of synchronisation for cartoons for children. He wrote a theatre show  that has been played for 120 times.


Sample of previous work

Projects in development


short fiction
first draft of the script

Nick Horne is a character withstanding forces of modern life. He is a writer, copes with a everyday routine, have a health problems, problems with debts, problems with finding a right girl. Therefore he faces his subliminal experience of life, gets beaten by debt owners, finds a girl, walks his dog and succeeds to breakthrough  hash period of life.

Attached to the project: director, producer
Looking for: co-writer, co-producer

Keywordsshort fiction film, film noir, modern life, subliminal


feature narrative
developed script  

Tricky jobs is a rural comedy straight. A butcher s family lives in the hills and on the shore of the Adriatic see. They are dragged into dimly jobs of the local sheriffs, and are forced to see a plot of land to a county. They are living a Croatian dream, paid in sweat. They grow vegetables, rent rooms, and of-course sell meat. Their kind of humor is special.

Attached to the project: co-writer, director, producer
Looking for: co-producer 

Keywordsfeature film, comedy, character comedy, Mediterranean comedy

More from Projects

Filmography and Awards

2016 THE SPRING OF LIFE, short, writer/director

My five favourite films

  1. Blade Runner (1982)
    by Ridley Scott
  2. Dune (1984)
    by David Lynch
  3. Ainda (1994)
    by Wim Wenders
  4. Lost in Translation (2003)
    by Sofia Coppola
  5. The Big Lebowski (1998)
    by Joel and Ethan Coen

Favourite scene I wrote


In the middle of somewhere bus stops, Nick exits. Summer heat is on the top. Old car landfill. The sun is so strong that we can as the heat is evaporating from the earth.

NICK has a parked car somewhere here, but there are some kind of team of people stealing this cars, or something, probably. They don’t seem to look completely innocent, we don’t see them openly. More hear them. Like some criminals they are walking around intentionally, 6 of them. We don’t see them together. They are not organized in a group, we can just hear that there are bunch of them. They jell, and talk to each other. In one moment Nick picks the manhole and enters a narrow tube like elevator that completely drastically changes color,  and with this elevator he stops on many floors. His face is like watching Germans playing Brecht – full of expressive micro-grimace. He is completely crazy, he would scream, worried, etc. Then he comes back on the surface, getting out of the manhole. What we see next is his impression of walking, his legs and body. As before, we can now hear even more louder irritated yells of these people, like there is danger approaching. They are dressed up in shirts that have shorted, rolled sleeves. Not too much nice shirts. These crooks are also here when he climbs up the manhole, someone is throwing purple bomb that starts to spread like a tide wave of purple energy that everybody runs away from, in panic. The thing is getting faster , as we are following Nick and trying desperately to escape trough his perspective. Then the wave reaches Nick, and it seems that is harmless, music adds to this, and now, from total we can see that this happening is turning into video game digital music that starts beating and follows the rhythm.

My favourite film quote

“Have you ever retired a human by mistake?”

Magnolia (1982)