Boris Grgurović



28.06.1992, Belgrade (Serbia)


Senior undergraduate of Dramaturgy at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Serbia

Place of Residence:

Belgrade (Serbia)

Writes in Languages:

Serbian, English


Boris Grgurović is a scriptwriter and a playwright, born in Belgrade, Serbia. In 2014 he attended EUSTORY playwriting workshop EUROPE 14 (dealing with World War One related topics) and in 2016/17 he was part of First Films First project development workshop, as a co-writer of RIDERS (dir. Domink Mencej, Slovenia). He collaborated on over 15 short fiction films and a few theatre plays as a writer or co-writer. He also wrote several radio plays which premiered on Radio “Belgrade”.

Sample of previous work

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Filmography and Awards

2017 DES MOINES, short film by Olga Košarić, co-writer
2017 SIDE EFFECTS, short film by Dušan Zorić, co-writer
2016 PARALYSIS, short film by Dušan Zorić, co-writer
2016 INTERMEZZO, short film by Dušan Zorić, co-writer
2016 BACKWARDS, short film by Nikola Zdravković, co-writer – Herceg Novi IFF: Best Screenplay; FEKK, Ljubljana: Best Ex-Yu Award
2016 DIVČIBARE, short film by Ana Žugić, co-writer 
2015 GOOD NEIGHBOUR, short film by Đorđe Stanković, co-writer
2015 COMING BACK, short film by Katarina Koljević, writer
2014 MY NAME IS MARKO, BUT THAT’S NOT IMPORATANT RIGHT NOW, short film by Luka Pređa, writer 
2013 KANGAROO, short film by Pavle Pavlović, writer 
2013 DYLAN DOG: NIGHTMARE INVESTIGATOR, short film by Pavle Pavlović, writer
2013 FROM 7 TO 7, short film by Katarina Koljević, co-writer 
2012 LEVEL:LIFE, short film by Katarina Koljević, co-writer 
2012 FRIEND, short film by Pavle Pavlović, writer 

My five favourite films

  1. The Dead (1987)
    by John Huston
  2. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)
    by Frank Capra
  3. Taxi Driver (1976)
    by Martin Scorsese
  4. The Deer Hunter (1978)
    by Michael Cimino
  5. Umberto D (1952)
    by Vittorio De Sica

Favourite scene I wrote

IGOR (42) and MILOVAN (76) are standing on the quay. It’s winter time and they are both wearing big, feather jackets. There is no one there, except them. It’s very cold and Igor is trying to warm up by rubbing his palms. Milovan is seemingly peaceful while he is holding a shoe box with the inscription „Just do it“ written on it. They are standing there for a while, and Igor is becoming anxious, but he won’t say anything. Finally, he approaches Milovan.
Milovan, are you ready?
Milovan seems absent.
Yes, of course. What do you mean?
Igor shakes his head, then he steps back. Milovan is trying not to cry.
He asks me if I’m ready.
Milovan approaches the river and puts the shoe box in the river, very carefully and devoutly. Then, he stands there for some time.
I think he always wanted to go
like this.
Igor shakes his head for understanding.
You know, you were his
favourite neighbour.
Igor is quiet, he doesn’t know what to say.
Thank you.
Milovan smiles for just a second, then he looks into the river and his expression changes and he is shocked. He can’t breathe. Igor comes near him, and Milovan is trying to tell him something. He is pointing at the river. The shoe box is stuck, there is a branch in the river and the shoe box got caught up in it.
My, my Dikan. I won’t allow it!
Not like this!
Milovan is outraged and he is going toward the river. Igor realizes what Milovan is doing and he grabs him by the shoulder. Milovan is crying, he wants to go into the river.
Stop! It’s too cold! Just stop!
Wait, I’ll go! Okay?
Milovan calms down. Igor takes off his jacket, Milovan gratefully takes it from him. Igor steps into the river with caution. He is walking towards the branch and the shoe box, hesitating if this was a good idea. Milovan is standing on the quay, focused on him and is quietly rooting for Igor. Finally, Igor breaks free the box and river carries it off. Igor goes back on the quay, his wet up to his waist. Milovan helps him put on the jacket. Milovan tries to say something, but Igor stops him.
Let’s just go, okay?
Igor walks from the shore, Milovan follows him.

My favourite film quote

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

Jaws (1975)