Bojana Babić



21.09.1990, Pančevo (Serbia)


MA in Film, Kino Eyes Movie Masters, Lusófona University (Portugal) / Edinburgh Napier University (Scotland) / Baltic Film and Media School (Estonia)

BA in Dramaturgy, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, (Belgrade, Serbia)

Place of Residence:

Pančevo (Serbia), Edinburgh (Scotland)

Writes in Languages:

Serbian, English


Bojana Babić studied Screenwriting at Kino Eyes Movie Masters divided between three European Universities. She wrote short films that have been produced in Estonia and Portugal, and co-wrote a feature film produced in Serbia. Bojana worked as a writer and dramaturge in several theaters in Belgrade (Boško Buha, Dadov, UK Vuk Karadžić). Currently, she works at Lanterna Magicka Films based in Edinburgh, Scotland and is developing her short directorial debut.

Sample of previous work

Projects in development


feature fiction
developed script

Twelve-year-old Ilija goes after an ex-convict, whom he suspects to be his father, as he travels through Serbia on an old motorcycle to collect the debts from the past.

Attached to the project: producer
Looking for: director, co-producer



short fiction
developed script

Three village women go wild boar hunting for the first time, but soon discover that shooting men is far more exciting.

Attached to the project: director
Looking for: producer, co-producer


More from Projects

Filmography and Awards

2017 WILD GAME, short film by Jeronimo Sarmiento, writer
2017 BISER BOJANE/DIAMOND OF BOJANA, feature film by Milan Karadžić, co-writer
2017 BEDTIME STORIES, short film by Yasir Kareem, writer
2017 KATABATIK FISHERMAN, mid-length film by Dean Radovanović, script consultant

My five favourite films

  1. Le Boucher (1970)
    by Claude Chabrol
  2. Brasil (1985)
    by Terry Gilliam
  3. Les amants du Pont-Neuf (1991)
    by Leos Carax
  4. Angst essen Seele auf (1974)
    by Rainer Werner Fassbinder
  5. The Dead (1987)
    by John Huston

Favourite scene I wrote


Dajana stands in front of large, bright tulips and waters them with a water hose.

From the other side of the yard, Vesna, Seme and Sirce sneak up behind Dajana’s back. Vesna gives the two a sign – Seme and Sirce instantly jump at Dajana, grab her arms and legs while she struggles. Vesna stands in front of her and gives her a big smile.

Hey, beautiful.

Dajana tries to hit Vesna with her head, but she moves away on time. Vesna picks up the water hose from the ground.

Say ahh.

Dajana struggles, but Seme and Sirce hold her tight. Vesna forces the water hose into Dajana’s mouth and looks with satisfaction as the water runs down her throat.

Such a thirsty girl…

Dajana starts to choke, water drips from her mouth, but Vesna doesn’t let go. Anica enters the yard and sees them – she stops for a second, then runs away.

Vesna takes out the hose and Dajana starts to cough.

Are you gonna be a good girl now?

Dajana finally catches her breath and looks at Vesna full of hatred. She spits in her face. Vesna punches her in the face, then forces the water hose back in her throat.

What the hell is going on in

Seme and Sirce look at the Guard approaching them with a baton. They instantly let go of Dajana and she falls on the ground. They try to run, but only Vesna escapes. The Guard starts to beat all of them with the baton – including Dajana who chokes on the ground. Anica looks at the scene, not knowing what to do.

It’s not her fault!

The Guard keeps beating them until she gets tired of it. She then leaves while the three women lie on the ground.

No more shit here, is that clear!

The Guard leaves. Seme and Sirce get up and leave the yard, while Dajana still tries to catch her breath. Anica approaches her.

Are you okay?

Dajana gets up and looks at her.

Stay out of this.

Dajana gets the water hose from the ground and continues to water the flowers.

My favourite film quote

“If he has a hairy back, he has a hairy bottom.”

Chocolat (1988)