Bojan Vuletić



19.08.1977, Belgrade (Serbia)


M.A. in Directing, Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Serbia
Directing, Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Serbia

Place of Residence:

Belgrade (Serbia)

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For several years Bojan Vuletić worked at TV B92 where he direct some of the most prominent TV series. His first feature film PRACTICAL GUIDE TO BELGRADE WITH SINGING AND CRYING premiered at Karlovy Vary Film Festival in East of the West competition. It won several national and international awards.

His second feature REQUIEM FOR MRS. J. premiered at 67th Berlinale in Panorama Program.

Sample of previous work

Projects in development


feature film
developed script

Strahinja, a 22-year-old refugee from Ghana, does his best to integrate in Serbia, works hard to get the asylum, volunteers in Red Cross, tries to make money in the black market, struggles to survive in the Refugee Camp. But his greatest fight is to win back the woman he loves.

Attached to the project: co-writer, director
Looking for: co-producer

Keywords: imigrants, love

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Filmography and Awards

2017 REQUIEM FOR MRS. J., feature film, writer/director – FEST IFF, Belgrade: Best Film, Best Script, Best Director; Sofia IFF: FIPRESCI Prize
2011 PRACTICAL GUIDE TO BELGRADE WITH SINGING AND CRYING, feature film, writer/director – South Corea FF: Special Jury Award; Pula FF: FEDEORA Critic award; Cinema City FF:  FIPRESCI Prize
2008 LOVE AND OTHER CRIMES, feature film by Stefan Arsenijević, co-writer – SOPOT FF, Vrnjačka Banja: Best Script
2004 TAPESTRY IN SERBO-CROATIAN, documentary, director – Motovun FF: Amnesty International Award

My five favourite films

  1. Shining (1980)
    by Stanley Kubrik
  2. Elena (2011)
    by Andrey Zvyagintsev
  3. Ratcatcher (1999)
    by Lynn Ramsay
  4. Piano Teacher (2001)
    by Michael Haneke
  5. Barton Fink (1991)
    by Joel Coen

Favourite scene I wrote


On the floor, next to the hanger with jackets is a big white bucket with paint. There is an ashtray with a lit cigarette on the dresser. The table is set with four plates for lunch. From the room next door one can hear the TV with optimistic comments about Serbia joining the EU. Mrs. J enters the door with the straw bag. She skips over the bucket.

          MRS. J

Who was opening the car?

Ana’s voice can be heard from another room.

          ANA (V.O.)
          MRS. J
I’m asking: who among you was opening
the car? There’s something hanging
from that rear view mirror, and by
the way, get batteries for
those headphones.

Mrs. J walks past the bathroom and sees MILANČE (25 years old), Ana’s slim boyfriend who is shaving over the bathtub.



          MRS. J
Oh, you’re here, too. Hello.

Then she walks into the kitchen, crouches in front of the stove, opens a metal drawer, and all the while Ana can be heard from the other room…

          ANA (V.O.)
Have you seen how beautiful it
is outside? It’s much better for
you to go outside more often than
to sit around here like some old

She removes from the straw bag the plastic bag with iron parts resembling a revolver, the beer, matches and cigarettes, puts all of that in the stove drawer, shuts it, goes to the sink and takes a glass of water.

          ANA (V.O.)
So many people are out of work, so what?

While drinking water and listening to Ana, she catches a glimpse of a trade union calendar hanging next to a small boiler over the kitchen sink.

          ANA (V.O.)
Go do some shit: knitting, drawing,
some crap like that…

She reaches out and moves the plastic marker to FRIDAY June 28.

          ANA (V.O.)
Give Smilja a call, go to the
market, clean the flat a little,
look at the state it’s in, I
can’t do everything on my own… 

Mrs. J enters the dining room and sits at the table. Milanče comes out of the bathroom, wiping his chin with a towel.

How are you, ma’am?
          MRS. J
I’m all right. Why? 

Milanče doesn’t respond. Mrs. J crosses her fingers and…

          MRS. J
Milanče… Are the two of you
going to get married?

Milanče, taken aback with that question, sits at the table.

In what sense?
          MRS. J
In the sense of a marriage. Are
you going to marry my daughter?

Milanče is embarrassed.

Well, we haven’t talked about
it yet.

Mrs. J gives him a probing look and…

          MRS. J
What shoe size do you wear?
43, I think.

Ana comes out of the room in a robe with her hair wet and goes to the dresser where she draws smoke from a cigarette, then pulls out a hairdryer from a drawer.

Milanče’s going to paint the
bathroom after lunch, right?

Milanče nods.

          MRS. J
There’s no lunch today. The
grocery store is closed.
What do you mean it’s closed?
It was open when I passed by it.
          MRS. J
I don’t know. It’s closed. Get a
grip. How will you get by when
I’m no longer around…? 

She stands up and goes to the shoe cupboard. Ana looks at her, flabbergasted.   

Mom, what the fuck, what’s wrong
with you today? Where did you go
for a walk today?

Ana looks at Mrs. J who takes out of the shoe cupboard a pair of men’s well kept shoes.

Those are dad’s shoes. From
          MRS. J
Let the boy try them on, maybe
they fit him. Down in the basement
there are his jackets (suits),
they just take up space and collect
What does he need a jacket for?

While Milanče is putting on shoes and Ana is blow-drying her hair, KOVILJKA (10 years old) comes into the apartment, the younger daughter, blonde, with a big case for the accordion, ragged, dusty, disheveled, punched in the nose, with a cut, bloody lip. She stands in the middle of the hallway. Everybody looks at her. Ana turns off the hairdryer.

I’m ok.

And she starts to cry. Ana gets up and runs to her.

Koviljka? Fuck. What the hell
is this?

She takes her accordion, and then looks over her injuries. Mrs. J remains seated.

You should see the other bitch.

Ana looks at Milanče and Mrs. J who sit quietly, and then she yells.

Where’s the iodine?!

Milanče gets up from the table and Mrs. J remains seated.

Quit bawling. What was our

Koviljka cries.

For you not to hang out with
those assholes. Right? Right?
Come here.
     (through tears)
Slut hit me with a fucking flute.
     (through tears)
Sanja, the bitch …
Quit swearing like that,
little motherfucker…

Ana takes her to the bathroom. Mrs. J remains seated at the table alone. With a lost look on her face, she listens to the conversation in the bathroom.

          KOVILJKA (V.O.)
She told me I smelled, that I take
a bath only for Christmas and she
cursed my dead father.
          ANA (V.O.)
What did she say?
          KOVILJKA (V.O.)
She cursed my dead father, fuck
you, are you deaf? Get batteries
for that fucking device. Why are
you wearing it when you can’t
hear anything?
          ANA (V.O.)
Shut up, or I’ll slap you – then
you’ll be symmetrical.

Koviljka shouts. Mrs. J still sits motionless and stares absently into the plate, as if everything that is happening is far away from her.

Koviljka comes out of the bathroom with a band-aid around her nose and sits on Mrs. J’s lap. She hugs her and begins to cry.

Mom, she told me I smelled…
          MRS. J
Baby, you must stop swearing
so much.
Where is Svetozar?

Mrs. J looks at Ana, then Koviljka, she sighs and…

          MRS. J
Baby, Svetozar is… dead.

Koviljka looks at Mrs. J in shock. A moment of silence. All of a sudden a door to a small room opens and out comes DESANKA (80 years old), an old woman, all in black, chewing on something and holding a tray with food leftovers. Everyone is quiet. Desanka, as if no one is there, goes to the kitchen. Koviljka, Ana and Mrs. J are silent and watching each other. Koviljka’s eyes well up with tears. Then Desanka goes back to her room and closes the door. Koviljka can hardly speak).


She then gets up from the table and goes to her room crying.

What do you mean dead?

Mrs. J is silent. Ana turns around and shouts to Koviljka in her room.

We’ll get another one!

Koviljka’s scream and shattering can be heard from her room.

          KOVILJKA (V.O.)
I don’t want another one! Fuck you!
Murderers, murderers, murderers…

Ana looks at Mrs. J, leans on the table and whispers.

What the hell is the matter
with you today…? You aren’t
even capable of keeping a sick

Mrs. J sits quietly moping.

Mom? Look at me…

Mrs. J gets up from the table without saying a word. Ana looks at her, and then opens the door of her grandmother’s room.

And you? What? What are you
looking at me for? I’ll put
you in a nursing home…
What happened with the bunny!?

Mrs. J takes the straw bag from the hall and goes to the living room. While the quarrel and Koviljka’s screaming is going on, Mrs. J opens the china closet. Her photograph, when she was young, is leaning against a glass. She takes the photograph, closes the china closet, turns around and sees a chair with old newspapers on it. She puts newspapers on the floor and takes the chair. In the midst of all the strife and noise, she quietly walks out of the apartment. No one even notices that she has left.

Ana, Koviljka and Desanka continue to argue all over the flat, while through the window we see Mrs. J who is slowly going away carrying a chair in her hands.

My favourite film quote

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

The Shining (1980)