Ana Jakimska



23.07.1988, Skopje (Macedonia)


M.A. Candidate of Film and Audiovisual Studies, Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje, Macedonia
B.A. in Film and TV Directing at Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje, Macedonia
B.A. in Comparative Literature at Faculty of Philology in Skopje, Macedonia

Place of Residence:

Skopje (Macedonia)

Writes in Languages:

Macedonian, English


Аna Jakimska is a film director and writer from Macedonia. She has authored two short films and one short documentary, all of which have been internationally screened. Apart from films, she also writes and directs music videos. She is currently developing her debut feature film, MIDNIGHT TRAIN. The script was awarded at Eastweek Scriptwriting Workshops, Midpoint, and Sofia Meetings, and has received the development grant from the Macedonian Film Agency.

Sample of previous work

Projects in development


feature film
developed script

Three women. Three Balkan cities. Three sides to the same problem: the patriarchy.

Attached to the project: director, producer
Looking for: co-producer

Keywords: feature, midnight train, train, three women, three cities, drama, balkan, patriarchy, feminism, belgrade, skopje, thessaloniki, episodic, fragmentary, female protagonist


short fiction
developed script

A man goes to a hotel where he expects to indulge in his routine of having discrete sexual encounters with prostitutes, but the prostitute that joins him that night is not who he expected.

Attached to the project: director, producer
Looking for: co-producer

Keywords: short, drama, LGBT, family

More from Projects

Filmography and Awards

2017 The Children Will Come, short film, director
2014 It’s Cold Outside, short film, writer/director – Audience Award at KRAF Film Festival (Serbia)
2013 Call Me Barbara, short film, writer/director

My five favourite films

  1. All About My Mother (1999)
    by Pedro Almodovar
  2. Amores Perros (2000)
    by Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu
  3. A Separation (2011)
    by Asghar Ferhadi
  4. Vertigo (1958)
    by Alfred Hitchcock
  5. Rosemary’s Baby (1968)
    by Roman Polanski

Favourite scene i wrote

Anna is behind the counter in the kitchen, chopping vegetables. On the stove, water is being heated in a pot. We hear the entrance door open and close. We stay with Anna and still don’t see the man who entered.

You’re home early, love.
Are you hungry?

          MARKO (OFF)
I ate.

You need real food,
stop eating junk.

Anna turns around as Marko enters the kitchen. She still holds the knife in her hand as she wraps her hands around his neck happily.

I missed you. You smell
so nice.

Marko hugs her shortly, then takes a glass and pours himself water from a bottle from the fridge.

How was work?

Anna leaves the knife on the counter and wipes her hands with a towel. She grabs the salad bowl and walks to the dining room to set it on the table.

          ANNA (OFF)
It was okay. Everybody
keeps asking for you.

Anna returns with a gift bag. She presents it to Marko with an enthusiastic smile. Marko takes the bag and opens it. He takes out the green tie that she bought for him earlier. Anna looks at him expectantly.

You like it?

Marko feels its fabric between his fingers. He doesn’t seem too excited, because his mind is someplace else. However, he pretends to be pleased as Anna keeps the wide smile on her face.

It’s very nice.

‘Very nice’? Don’t I
deserve a ‘thank you’ kiss,
at least?

Anna walks towards him and tries to kiss him on the lips, he is not very responsive. He gives her a short kiss with sealed lips. It is evident that he feels uncomfortable.

It is beautiful.
I will wear it.

Anna hugs him and closes her eyes. He holds her in his arms.

I am so happy with you.

Don’t say that.

Ana stares at Marko and takes a step back. Both remain silent. We hear the boiling water in the background.

I want to talk to you about

Anna gives a short and nervous smile.

I know. It doesn’t matter.
I am not a stranger, I am your
wife. I am doing this because
I love you.

Marko looks at her apologetically.

I am sorry, I don’t want to
pressure you, love.

What I was saying is, you have
been more than wonderful to me
after the accident and I will
never forget it.

Anna takes a sip of water. She is nervous.

There is also something that I
wanted to talk to you about,

Marko’s face brightens up, he becomes interested.

Is that so?

Anna starts cleaning up the desk. She talks while throwing away garbage in the bin.

I was thinking a lot about us.
Now that you’re feeling better,
I think it would be good for us if
we went on a trip together. You
need rest, this city is too loud
for you. I looked at one house in
Greece, we can rent it for a week
or so.

Marko puts his hands around her head, as if he doesn’t want her to talk about it. Anna is confused and scared from what he will say.

I don’t think I can do that

Anna looks at him without saying anything for a while. Then she continues the conversation.

If this is about my work, I
already told them that I am taking
some days off.

Marko takes a step back and leans on the washer, turning his back to Anna as he continues talking.

I really don’t know how to say
this. (pause) But I have to say it.

Behind his back, Anna starts crying, knowing what will follow. He can hear her. She holds her mouth with her hands in an attempt to stop the crying.

You saw me with Tanya this
afternoon, in the café.

Ana doesn’t say anything.

I love her.

You don’t know what you’re

Anna becomes serious, she stops sobbing. She wipes her tears and walks to the bathroom. Marko remains in silence. He looks down at the floor, he is distressed.

My favourite film quote

“Time never dies. The circle is never round.”

Before the Rain (1994)