Scriptwriter of the Month: Jelica Jerinić 

Jelica Jerinić, a Serbian filmmaker with Finnish address has recently written and directed her first short fiction film DOG DAY and is currently working on two more. If you want to find a bit more about her, beside reading our short conversation, you can check out her MTSW profile here.  


• What makes the 5 films on your Top 5 list so special?

I liked them so much that I got tattoos of them.


• Why did you decide to go into film?

When I was a kid, my parents used to host movie nights at our home. During those nights, I would be sent to bed quite early, and my parents would stay up until late, having thorough discussions with their friends, which would usually end up with them fighting over some film trivia. I was very much intrigued! Luckily for me, a sliding glass door was the only thing standing between me and those films. So, I would sneak out of the bed, and slide the door just enough to get drawn in forever by the magic of cinema.


• Commercial films or art house?

I really like art house cinema, and this is where I draw most of my inspiration from.


• How and when did you begin writing?

I started writing in elementary school after my teacher (appalled by “the ugliest handwriting she had ever seen”) wanted me to repeat the second grade. I was put on probation, where I had one month to make my handwriting look nice. After one month of endless rewriting of texts from the schoolbooks, I decided to start writing my own stuff, just for fun. After some of my poems got chosen for children’s poetry competitions, my teacher suddenly wasn’t bothered by the look of my handwriting anymore.


• Where do you like to write the most?

I used to think I could focus best when writing from home. But nowadays, I actually enjoy writing the most at the bar where I work; the noisier the crowd the easier for me to get inspired by them.


• What kind of music do you listen to while writing?

To warm up, I usually start with some of the soundtracks from my favorite films. But after I get really into the thing I am writing, I stop hearing the music.


• Where do ideas come from?

From my own experiences and real-life stories, I hear from others.


• If you could go anywhere in space and time, where would that be?

Sometimes, in my mind, I go to places of which I have fond memories.