Scriptwriter of the Month: Hanis Bagashov

Hanis Bagashov is North Macedonian filmmaker whose debut in the industry was playing one of the leading rolls in Teona Mitevska’s WHEN THE DAY HAD NO NAME. At the moment he is studying directing at National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts “Krastyo Sarafov” in Sofia (Bulgaria) and working on his future projects.


To find out a bit more about what Hanis is working on, check his MTSW profile here and check out the short conversation we had with him.


• What makes the 5 films on your Top 5 list so special? 

They are human in scale and nature. There’s life, death, love, and sometimes humor. 


• Why did you decide to go into film?

As a kid I was playing in a local theater troupe (I was quite bad), meanwhile my parents bought a small digital camera, and I started shooting shorts and doing street photography. It’s not unusual to get into the visual world today. Everything is visual. 


• Commercial films or art house?

It’s difficult to say. Artistic influences have infiltrated commercial filmmaking. I prefer old movies downloaded from Pirate Bay. 


• How and when did you begin writing? 

I started throwing words on paper in middle school. Some of the things were published in the school papers. But that’s not writing. Real writing requires a system and discipline.  


• Where do you like to write the most?

In my room in Sofia. 


• What kind of music do you listen to while writing?

Maybe it’s better if there is no music while writing. In the process of gathering material, in the pre-writing process, yes. My next-door mate playing the saxophone, for example. 


• Where do ideas come from?

We all have thousands of ideas every day, coming from different moods, situations, people. It’s something else that matters for writing and making films. Human knowledge and craft, probably. 

• If you could go anywhere in space and time, where would that be?

Home, to be with my family. This bloody Covid…