Scriptwriter of the Month: Berfi D. Öğüt

Berfi D. Öğüt is Turkish scriptwriter who studied film after graduating Engineering. She shot several films and published a novel “A Strange Fury”. You can find a bit more about how she thinks from her answers to our favourite questions.

And to find out a bit more about her and what she’s working on, check out her MTSW profile here. 

• What makes the 5 films on your Top 5 list so special?

TREELESS MOUNTAIN: A heartbreaking feature about children, loss of childhood, the need for love and the constant fight for it, that’s a deliciously bittersweet film with glistening performances and masterful direction. Its poignant storytelling pierces into the heart of the audience with ease and silence.

AMORES PERROS: I love rewatching the film that introduced art to me, opened my eyes, stretched my vision to an endless horizon and made me explore and question everything. I’d say this is the first revelation in my life that simply changed the whole spectrum of my views.

SEPERATION: A knockdown masterpiece that keeps on growing rapidly on rewatches. Every aspect of the film is under the perfect control of a mastermind that’s driven superbly with a sense of confusion and tension very much like the life we live. A powerful clash of everything in our daily lives that we don’t take seriously.

MEPHISTO: This is really a powerful depiction of the struggle of an artist and art itself in times of war with colossal study and development of the lead character and of course outstanding screenwriting. I very much adore the atmosphere and tone of the film which effortlessly draws the viewer into the film’s world and make him feel the essence of it.  There’s a sort of tension and fear throughout the film that exists in the mind and not in a visual form to see or understand it.

ROOM: A mother and her son captive for years in an enclosed space, then they finally gain their freedom, allowing the boy to experience the outside world for the first time. It happens in one location, but you can’t stop watching it. It’s a touching story that I liked incredibly.

• Why did you decide to go into film?

Because it touches my soul.

• Commercial films or art house?

I like both. It makes no difference for me; the most important thing is to find something
special in the film.

• How and when did you begin writing?

First, I started writing a novel. During that period, I started writing scripts, too.

• Where do you like to write the most?

In my home, overlooking the Bosphorus. That view always gives me pleasure.

• What kind of music do you listen while writing?

The most important for me is to start writing. Before starting I listen different kinds of music which gives me energy but when I start writing I don’t listen to anything nor to hear anything. I always choose silence.

• Where do ideas come from?

Ideas… Life and experience bring them to you.

• If you could go anywhere in space and time, where would that be?

As long as I live with my family, who I love the most, it makes no difference where I am.